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Recreational Program
Students in the Recreational program focus on dance technique during the first half of the year. In particular, they strengthen their existing skills and learn new technique. In February, their focus turns to learning choreography in preparation for our annual recital.  The choreography showcases the technique that students learned during the first part of the year. The number of dances students perform in the recital will depend on the classes the students takes.

Creative Dance
This class is a wonderful introduction to dance. The curriculum is primarily creative movement and pre-ballet, but it includes movement assocciated with other dance styles. Students learn coordination, musical awareness and listening skills while developing gross motor skills such as skipping, hopping and clappling to music. Various props may used to encourage the students' natural creativity and enhance their imaginations.

Combination Classes
Our beginner classes are combination ballet and tap classes. At this level, students are
introduced to barre work, ballet vocabulary, and French terminology. Center work is introduced with a focus on the positions of the arms, legs and feet.  For tap, students are introduced to terminology and beginner movements and rhythm steps.

Hip Hop
One of the most popular dance style of today, hip hop is primarily street dancing that incorporates the breakdown of movement put into fun, fast-paced dance combinations. At any level, hip hop teaches and improves rhythm and coordination. This style is Ms Brenna's speciality and she has been recognized by her peers in the dance instustry as one of  the leading  choreographers in the Southeast.

Jazz dance fuses together technique and style with a focus on stage presence. Students learn the proper techniques for leaps and turns, and classes include a flexibility stretch, progressions across the floor and an introduction to both technical and stylized combinations.
Exercises focus on skills in isolation, syncopation, strength, rhythm, contraction and expansion in upper level classes. Jazz dance uses many of the techniques from the other forms of dance allowing room for improvisation. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet.

Lyrical dance is an expressive form of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques while telling a story to the audience. Lyrical is very technical and emphasizes the importance of fluidity in dance.

NOTE: The popular dance style known as Contemporary is essentially a fusion of jazz and lyrical with elements of other dance styles. Our Jazz/Lyrical combination classes for ages 9+ include this style.

Musicality, rhythm and coordination are focused in tap class. Beginner students are introduced to basic steps and apply the learned material during  warm up, center floor excercises and combinations.  As students advance in ability, they learn increasingly more intricate combinations. Tap requires a great deal of coordination, and it is a challenging style of dance. 

Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. It is the foundation for all types of dance. In ballet classes, students learn coordination, musicality, proper turn out and alignment while developing and strengthening muscles, improving posture and building a strong visual memory. Exercises are performed at the barre, center and across the floor. Ballet classes are highly recommended for all students who have any interest in advancing to other programs.  

Competition Program
Participation in the Competition program is by placement only.For experienced dancers, workshops and classes for placement are normally held during the summer months. In addition, we offer a Pre-Competition class for those dancers interested in improving their skill in preparation for the summer placement classes. Once accepted into the program, students are placed on a team based on their age, and they learn various dances that they will take to a number of regional competitions between February and April. .

As members of the competition program, students are required to attend a pre-determined number of classes. They include ballet, jazz/lyrical, tap and hip hop for 3-4 hours per week.

Please see the COMPETITION PAGE for more information 

Pre-Professional Program
Our Pre-Professional program is intended for those students who are pursuing a career in dance. Like a high school guidance department, our teachers help students develop their goals, evaluate their potential, and advise them on what classes should be taken in order to achieve their goals. Guidance also includes sharing information about other training outside of the studio, assisting with video auditions, resume writing, headshots, individual fundraisers, etc. 

Currently, the Pre-Professional program is still in development. However, please contact us if you have a need for special training.