Terp's Dance Centre


Dance Centre
16325 Northcross Drive
Huntersville NC 28078


Dress code

Ballet Classes ~ Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slipprs are required. Ballet
skirts are not permitted unless they are attached to the leotard. Hair must be in a secure bun with all loose ends securely clipped back. Shorter hair must be securely clipped back away from the face. If a student is not dressed appropriately for class, they may be asked to sit out that day.   

Non-Ballet Classes ~ Appropriate dancewear and shoes are required. Black jazz pants are permissible as long as the teacher can see the student’s lines and feet. Absolutely no street clothes or baggy sweats are allowed in class except for hip hop classes. Hair must be in a secure ponytail with all loose ends securely clipped back. Shorter hair must be securely clipped back away from the face. If a student is not dressed appropriately for class, they may be asked to sit out that day.  

Dance Shoes

Capezio Daisy ballet shoes (pink)

Capezio Daisy ballet shoes (pink)
Capezio Mary Jane tap shoes (caramel)

  (all ages)
Bloch Super Jazz shoe (caramel/tan)

LYRICAL (all ages)
Capezio Sophia Lucia Leather Pirouette (nude)

TAP (ages 7-9) 
Barbette Tap Oxford (black) 

TAP (ages 10 & older) 
Bloch full sole Jazz Tap (black)

Converse Low Tops (black with white toe)      

Suggested Retailers
Morris Costumes ~ Exit 36 ~ Mooresville
Lebo's ~ Exit 28 ~ Cornelius
Discount Dance - discountdance.com

NOTE: There are many different online stores with varying prices. Please select the
retailer that meets your needs the best. 

Like other forms of education, attendance is essential and this principle applies to all dancers, regardless of their program. In order to gain the most from their training, students must regularly attend class. Attendance includes arriving for class on time, which means at least 10 minutes before class starts. This extra time allows students to put on their shoes, use the rest room, chat with their friends, etc. Our motto is "if you're on time, you're late". Likewise, parents should arrive 10 minutes before class ends to pick up their child. Sometimes, students become anxious when they are the last to be picked up by their parents.There are no refunds for missed classes.

Discontinuing Classes 
Occassionally, there are extenuating circumstances and a student must drop out of classes. In such situations, we respect the family's decision. However, written notice (email) is required when withdrawing from a class. Likewise, there is no refund of tuition and other fees if a family withdraws from classes after paying them.

Terp’s uses the following types of communication to relay important information to the parents: 
(1) email is our preferred method of communication,
(2) our website provides easy access to important information and
(3) our Facebook page is used to share casual information. Likewise, we have a lot of information posted on the studio bulletin board.  

Inclement Weather
In the event of severe weather conditions, Terp's follows the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in determining whether or not classes will be held in the evening. We recommend checking the website and/or Facebook after 2:00 PM to be sure we are holding classes. Also, weather closings are reported on WSOC, WCNC and WBTV. There are no make-up classes or tuition refunds for classes cancelled due to inclement weather. The decision to close the studio is based on the safety of our dance families and staff. 

Teacher Absences & Other Cancellations
Occasionally, teachers must miss a class for various reasons such as illness, injury or family emergencies. In these rare cases, the studio attempts to find substitute for the class. If the class has to be cancelled, the schedule will be reviewed to find a make-up date if possible. However, there are NO refunds if a make-up date cannot be scheduled.